1 Welcome to my Website & Portfolio

Firstly, let me take this opportunity to warmly welcome you to¬†my website and Portfolio. My name is William Harvey and I’m Freelance Training Designer.¬†My specialty is producing interactive training applications. If you have a project which requires Instructional Design, Development or Multi-Media asset creation then please contact me to discuss the opportunity. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

2 Examples Of My Virtual Reality Training Programs

Virtual Reality B777-300 cockpit experience demo produced in Unity 3d with Oculus DK2 and Leapmotion

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 10.04.48

Virtual Reality classroom demo where student watches Aircraft Structures video. Demo produced in Unity 3d with Oculus DK2 and Leapmotion

3 Virtual Reality and 3D Asset Production

HelicopterEngine_v2oval copy

Employee training utilizing virtual reality is the most cost-effective way to train your personnel. By using immersive technologies such as VR your employees will significantly enhance their learning and retention rates. I build 360-degree sensory experiences, which are not only immersive and interactive but include all the differing sights and sounds of a simulated environment. My interactive training scenarios will enhance the safety aspects of your sector by reducing injuries and minimizing litigation cost.

Virtual reality training is superior to basic e-learning programs in that it is particularly useful for simulating dangerous settings, where your employees have to react in an appropriate and safe manner.


Spacecraft in a glass case. Developed in 3ds Max with Physically Based Shading


Expertise in Training & Development

Screenshot 2014-03-02 16.10.42As a Freelance Training Designer, my particular specialization is in the field of Digital Training and 3D/2D asset production. I have been employed by several large training providers including:

  • Vega, Commercial Aviation Division (previously TRO Learning)
  • Thales¬†Training and Simulation
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines
  • The Moment Company for The¬†Royal Navy

A combination of 2D and 3D media production skills, coupled with an immersive and interactive student centred training experiences is a powerful combination. One in which your company will hugely benefit.

Right is an example of my Ipad application which is available on the Apple App Store.
Below is an example of the video of the application available in the Udemy store.

5 Examples Of 3D Graphic Illustrations Using PBS

Below are some examples of my 3D graphic production skills. They were produced using Autodesk Maya, Mental Ray, Physically Based Shading using Substance Designer 5 and Substance Painter.


Quick Maya render of model tank before texturing for use in game engine


Tank model after Physically Based Shading and placed in Unity 3d game engine

6 Examples Of 3D Graphic Illustrations using Mental Ray




A different look and feel for illustration purposes. Developed in Maya, Mental Ray and Photoshop .

Professional Development


Professional Development

Effective Immersive Experiences by a Dedicated Professional

Companies can produce their own courseware by utilising the rapid development tools available today. These tools can be purchased and used by organisations with little or no technical expertise in-house. I do not recommend that companies should initially adopt this methodology.

I am of the belief that the initial production of learning programs requires sound instructional design expertise and the creation of appropriate graphic media that can only be achieved by engaging dedicated professionals. I develop immersive virtual reality experiences, which simulate dangerous settings, where your employees have to react in an appropriate and safe manner.

William BG Harvey, Director, WithinYourMeans Ltd

2D & 3D Graphics

HelicopterEngine_v2oval copy

2D and 3D Graphics & Sound

Quality Graphic and Sound Production

  • 2d ¬†professional graphics and animation.
  • 3d models and 3d animation.
  • Soundscape production.

I can provide employers with bespoke graphic production in both 2d and 3d. Professionally produced graphics will undoubtedly enhance a presentation or learning program. I can additionally supply employers with any soundscape required.

William BG Harvey, Director, WithinYourMeans Ltd

Instructional Design


Instructional Design

Advantages of sound Instructional Design

  • Assured shorter delivery timescales.
  • Lower initial costs.
  • Sound learning design philosophies.
  • Understanding of how to write for different cultures
  • Expertise on working with Subject Matter Experts
  • Excellent Virtual Reality¬†design skills

William BG Harvey, Director, WithinYourMeans Ltd

HeadPhoto2007 William BG Harvey MSc, MDes, MSc, MSc

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 09.30.36During my time at Saudi Arabian Airlines I was employed as a Flight Crew Ground and Fixed Based Simulator Instructor at the Prince Sultan Aviation Academy in Jeddah. I have taught Captains and First Officers aircraft systems and flight procedures and then progressed them onto the MD-90 and Boeing 747-400 Fixed Based Simulators. Throughout that period, I became fascinated with Electronic Learning and its application to flight training. As a result, I developed an expertise in designing and developing training applications.

My specific expertise is in the field of digital training and 3D/2D media production, where my knowledge and expertise in that area were invaluable during my Flight Crew Training career. I was also a Subject Matter Expert and Project Manager for the delivery of the airlines B747-400 and MD-90 Computer Based Training (CBT) program. I hold an FAA Commercial Pilots Licence with Instrument and Multi-Engine Ratings and was trained as a Flight Crew Fixed Based Simulator Instructor at Boeing Flight Safety in Long Beach, California on the MD-90, and at the Prince Sultan Aviation Academy for the B747-400.

I have significant aviation classroom and airline simulator training experience and have believed for some considerable time that Virtual Reality is the next evolution in the province of digital training.

8 William’s Education

William graduated from the following universities:

  • Glasgow School of Art (Digital Design Studio) 2015-2016; MSc Serious Games and Virtual Reality
  • University of Edinburgh 2010-2011;¬†MSc Design and Digital Media
  • Glasgow School of Art (Digital Design Studio) 2009-2010;¬†¬†M.Des Animation
  • Heriot-Watt University 1996-1997; MSc Human Computer Interaction


9 Example Frames of E-Learning Application

Below is an example of a recent e-learning program I produced on the topic of Information Security. This is an interactive program illustrating the teaching of cyber awareness. The program is an example of my design and graphic capabilities and instructional design skills.

Also included is an interactive demonstration of the electrical control panel of a Boeing B777 aircraft. Note that the panel is completely interactive and functional with all the correct indications.

10 Examples of Website Applications

These are examples of some of the many websites I have developed for a number of companies. My websites are developed using WordPress, HTML CSS and Javascript. The website on the left can be found at www.shandonhouse.co.uk and the website on the right can be found at www.ibisvision.co.uk.